Sunday, July 6, 2008

Knowing First Official Teaser Trailer

Knowing is an upcoming sci-fi movie directed by Alex Proyas who once brought us I, Robot. The film is starring Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne. Knowing is slated for a March 2009 release.

Here below the first official teaser trailer of Knowing:

The Plot:
"A professor (Cage) finds that the contents of a time capsule at his son's elementary school makes predictions of the future that have come true. The predictions lead the teacher to believe the world is ending, and that he and his son are involved in the apocalypse." (Source: Wikipedia)

Eschatology has always been a concern for Mankind: the end of the world, the idea of the end of our world is never very far from us... Man is a mortal being after all...

Knowing looks like a promising science-fiction movie. Besides Nicolas Cage is a quite good actor. So it makes this mysterious sci-fi film even more appealing.


Michael Vilain said...

This trailer doesn't display on Macintosh systems. Guess the poster didn't know it was encrypted with Windows DRM crap.